The beginning of my new life

My decision to head to Marrakesh was a frightening decision to make, but one that was essential. I was trapped in a rollercoaster of emotions, having just broken up with a girl I had loved for so long, I was lost and emotionally damaged. An escape to Morocco was something that needed to be done, I needed to escape the emotional prison I was sentenced to. It’s so easy to run away from your problems and pretend that they never existed, hoping that upon your return, your problems would have magically resolved themselves.

I arrived in my city of escape, 2,000 miles from home, I was finally alone in a city I knew nothing about. What I did know was that this was the place I came to rediscover myself and just heal. I had always longed of making a difference to those who were less fortunate and this was the opportunity to do so.

I spent 6 weeks in Africa, working with less fortunate children and orphans, I went there with a wound in my heart, returned with a scar of the battle I had fought. Working with the children made me aware that there was more I could offer to the world, I found happiness and healing through making the children happy. I found closure from my heartbreak through accepting responsibility and giving something to children who had nothing. Morocco impacted my life in a way that has forged me for the long term future, I live my life in gratitude, thankful for the life I have and with the goal of making a difference to many more lives out there.


2 thoughts on “Marrakesh”

  1. Amazing blog! Wow and this post also, wow! Thumbs up. By the way, I am an International relations and international law student and I think that your experience might help me in knowing more about the world. So, keep updating!

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