I have always been a fan of portrait photography as I am a firm believer that a picture tells a thousands words.

Portraits allow vulnerability to be captured and studied, allowing you to look at yourself from the perspective others would see you. They give you the ability to see emotions and expressions that are usually missed.




Photography allows you to capture the vulnerability within your life. Let’s take candid photography for example. The subject is vulnerable, unaware that they are being watched and therefore acts natural, failing to put up a facade.




Hyper Aware photography allows the subject to focus their emotions, allowing them to have full control of how they are perceived by the viewer. We focus on every detail, how we stand, how we look and how we’ll be perceived.

When in reality, we may feel uncomfortable with our bodies that we opt to putting up a front.



The reason I love and encourage photography is because it incorporates vulnerability into our lives. We may at times feel self conscious about our bodies that they begin to feel foreign to us.

Photography allows you to appreciate and familiarise your body, eliminating the task of having to put up a front.

Sometimes you have to see yourself from a different perspective in order to recognise yourself and begin to reconcile yourself with your body.