I look back at these photographs and I’m able to analyse my emotions at the time these photographs were taken.

I’m able to go back to a moment that has been frozen in time, leaving my reality and appreciating a memory that has been long forgotten within my mind but trapped within pixels.



Morocco impacted my life in a way that has forged me for the long term future, I live my life in gratitude, thankful for the life I have and with the goal of making a difference to many more lives out there.



What had dumbfounded but at the same time fascinated me was my inability to comprehend and find a reason behind their infectious smiles. These were children who had merely nothing compared to me. 



They didn’t go to school thus limiting their future and setting their fate. Their position meant their was an inability to change the outcome of their life. They inherited this world and nothing more.



Because of their position and circumstances in life, I have found a hanger and desire to help underprivileged children. To help them shift from the position they inherited and into a path of prosperity.