Chaos Of A Busy Life

We are chosen.

Yet we act like we are neglected by the chosen one.

We seek to find love, security and identity in things that weren’t made for us.

All by neglecting the one who first died for us.

This might be a shock but God listens and talks to each one of his children.

Yet we close our ears and blame God for all the hurt that we might experience.

God is screaming don’t but we choose to go ahead without him.

Purely because we didn’t listen to the holy spirit, we chose our own path.

So what is there left to offer to God but our apology, loyalty and obedience.

Grinding through life when it was suppose to be a temporary bowl with God’s ingredients.

He was suppose to sustain us and guide us.

Not our minds and our voices that can harm us.

We often think we are the only person we can trust.

When the reality is we are not us without the creator, so who are we putting our trust in?

The void that is us or the treasure that is God?

Humanity runs from him instead of running towards him.


Are we afraid of a love that is greater and within reach.

We must learn to draw closer to our core source of living.

Before our lives flash before us and we were just another human being.

Don’t let the chaos of a busy life be the excuse to why we run and hide.

Let’s stand in unity and be the warriors that God looks at and says you are chosen!

You are mine!

– Emmanwella.