Beauty in the Void

There was a void.

I walk up to you and ask what a void is.

Darkness? Emptiness?

A void is a space seeking to be filled.

Like the artist’s blank canvas begging to be filled with the representation of the beauty of the artist’s mind.

Like clay waiting to be moulded into that perfect piece.

A void is a yearning for more.

Like the thirsty man crying out for water.

Like Oliver Twist that always wants more.

A void desires to be filled.

Like Solomon with wisdom.

Like Samson with strength at his last.

There is the capacity to see the beauty in everything.

Genesis says in the beginning, the earth was without form and was void.

So why have we taken away the focus of a void as a beginning?

Why do we doubt that just as God created the earth from the void.

He can create something beautiful of the emptiness we feel.

Why do we fail to see that even in the darkness we feel, there is light looming within.

Light begging to be let out even with as little as a crack in the wall.

Waiting for that prophetic ‘Let there be light’?