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A mother’s love is something that no one can explain, it is made of deep devotion, sacrifice and pain.

I was born in Zambia, in a caring and religious family. When I was young, my mother moved to England to progress her career and lay the foundations we’d rise from. She left behind a husband and 4 children, one can only imagine how difficult that must have been for her.

Once the foundations were in place, my siblings and I were able to join my mother, my father remained behind due to employment obligations.

Moving to England was the beginning of a new life for me and the beginning of my mother’s endless sacrifices.

This is a story about the most incredible and important woman in my life. 

This incredible woman worked rediclous hours as a nurse, I remember in 2005 she’d wake up early mornings to catch a bus and a train to Bakewell just to make it in time for work. She’d get back late in the evening, sleep for a couple of hours then awake and leave the house to work a night shift.

She did this for several years, I remember seeing her eyes grow heavier each day, her continuousness ebbing away. This woman, alongside my father paid over £10,000 tuition fees of my eldest brother; he was considered an international student. Her eyes were lifeless; whenever she woke, her eyelids were weighed down and her movement was sluggishly.

This incredible woman still made time to sit down at the table with her children before work, run in multiple charity events, raise money for various charities and bring awareness to the different types of cancer. This woman also found time to take her children to church on most sundays when she could. Some church services she attended, her eyes were forced shut, exhaustion took over her life. I spent my childhood watching a woman sacrifice everything for her children, I became afraid I’d lose her.

when my father joined us, the weight had been lifted off her shoulders, she grew stronger and her eyes shone bright once again.

Watching my mother struggle for years gave me the hunger to succeed, she still says to me that I will be successful in everything I pursue.

I remember the day we went to collect my GCSE (high school) results and she was stunned at the sight of the result before her. The first words that came out of her mouth were “at least you didn’t get an F”. I knew I let her down, we discussed my options with my teachers and they said I wasn’t smart enough to study Law in university and should consider other options.

2014-09-03 12.11.04

3 years later, mother and I went to collect my A Level results, she teared up at the sight of the A* I had achieved in Law and my astonishing grades. She told me that I had just proved everyone wrong and that my aunty would be proud.

I went onto study Law in university where she was forced to incur personal debt so that I could obtain a Law degree. You see, student finance gave me the minimum loan because my household income was sufficient enough for my parents to fund for my maintenance. What they didn’t take into consideration was that my parents had 3 other children, a funeral to fund for and relatives in Zambia who were dependent on them.

When my heart was broken, she saw the pain I carried with me, I told her I wanted to go away and make a difference in others lives. Even though I gave her 2 weeks notice, my mother and father spent over £800 so that I could go to Morocco for 6 weeks and work with underprivileged children.


I have told you a story about a woman that has incurred thousands of pounds in personal debt so that I could obtain a Law Degree & attend Law School.

The sacrifices made by this incredible woman allowed me to be where I am today.

The foundations laid by this woman, allowed me to grow in faith.

This incredible woman, lost her father, sister and cousin in the space of 5 years. Has endured pain most of her life, the strength and the passion she exemplifies has driven me to be a young man who seeks to make a difference to the lives of others.

The foundations she laid over 10 years ago has seen her children rise beyond expectation. The sacrifices she made and sleepless nights she endured has resulted in all 4 of her children going to university and graduated with incredible grades. A woman who put herself through torture has seen her children study:

  • Economics and Finance + Masters
  • Information Security + Masters
  • Law + Masters
  • Biomedical Science

I look forward to completing Law School in 3 months time and begin to give back the investment she made. A woman who has made sacrifices all her life, buried 2 of her siblings, including her mother and father. This incredible woman I’m proud to call my mother deserves to rest.


It’s easy to take our parents for granted and fail to notice the sacrifices they make for us. I have spoken about the sacrifices my mother has made for myself and siblings and what those sacrifices have led to. I understand that not everyone may have a mother or father or even parents who they have a stable relationship with. If so, the people in our lives can appear to play a similar role, we have friends who will go above and beyond for us. People who want us to succeed  in every area. If you don’t have that parent figure in your life, surround yourself with people that will educate you and help you grow.

Today I am the man who my father is, I have watched him all my life and learnt from him. I have the compassion and heart of my mother because she has been at the root of my success.

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  1. Not everyone is blessed to have both their parents in their life that do wonderful things to make you become the man/woman you want to be to succeed in life which is why myself never take my parents for granted their love for us is far greater then we imagine they will do anything for us as we should for them.

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