This one is for Abhishek (Abbs)


Our time on this earth is a journey and not our destination, we spend a lot of time crying over the wasted time and effort we put into the people who turned their backs on us.

My journey has taught me that people will always disappoint you, the closest people to you will allow you to feel protected yet they are the same people that will hurt you the most. Certain friends will allow you to believe that your dreams are too big, yet when you achieve them, they’ll be quick to tell you that they knew you were going places.

They are some genuine people out there who live a simple and humble life. I am dedicating this blog post to an unsung hero who does not seek praise, has been through the trenches of pain and seeks to help those around him.

I have recently been struggling with my direction and I’ve had doubts on whether I want to practice law or if I should drop out and focus on my other ambitions. I reached out to my friend Abbs for guidance on what I should do. To my surprise, his response reduced me to tears.


“It’s a way of God testing us, who’s hungrier and has a fire burning within them? Are we bottom feeders, floating around waiting to feed off others success or are we going to grip the situation before us and make the most of it?

 As humans we fail to conceive that we doubt our own abilities and that we can suppress our own expectations

During the time we spent together, you were not a person to give up, you had the fire burning within you, filled with determination. You hid away so much pain with the loss of your auntie (God bless her soul) and the separation of your girlfriend, yet you still showed that fire and determination to succeed and prove everyone wrong. Most importantly you proved to yourself what your capabilities were and did your auntie’s name justice.

If you don’t feel like law is for you or you’re doubting it, then all I can say is well done for not being passive and not giving up that hunger to succeed because it doesn’t come in everyone. 

Don’t let this stress get to you because you’re one person that I admire for the way you balance your life and are just a great humanitarian for the work you do on the side. Don’t let this little blip bring you down, let it fill you with more motivation and will power to overcome it! Your auntie would hate to see you this way, she’s watching you now and she wants you to smile.”


Surround yourself with people that will ignite your flame, not people that put up a façade nodding their head in agreement. – Abbs was able to reignite my flame, reminding me why I was pursuing this particular goal.

I am happy to say that Abbs is a person I consider to be a like minded character as myself, one who’s friendship I value the most. I have had many friends who have entered my life, some have walked out and some I drove away. Each friend that left, I learnt lessons which i carry with me now, lessons that help me distinguish the qualities to seek in friendships.

I am marching through this journey with a small circle of like minded people who share the same vision. Law has been a passion and dream I shared with my late aunt, I am honoured to have a friend like Abbs as part of my small circle.


Surround yourself with like minded people and evict those who limit your progression and vision. Certain people don’t want to see you rise, they would prefer you to be stuck in a crisis loop. I came across the term ‘Emotional Tourists’. These are people that feed off others misery and emotions in order to fill the emptiness inside of them.

A plant will grow if it receives sufficient light and is rooted in good soil. If the soil it’s rooted within is sterile, the plant will fail to grow and will eventually wither away. Do the people around you challenge the way you think? Are they good soil who will help you in your growth?

If the people around you don’t add value to your life, seek those who do. The friends you leave behind should not bring you tears but memories of a journey you once shared together. Don’t be afraid to leave certain people behind, embrace the change and focus on how the people around you now can help you progress.

5 thoughts on “Friendships”

  1. You honestly never fail to inspire me. Every 2 weeks I can’t wait to read your blog because I know whatever I am going through at that moment of time, your blog will help me through it. Whether it’s about loneliness or friendship. Thank you for that. I look forward to reading your next blog in 2 week.

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  2. Another amazing story, thank you for sharing this with us brother I really admire everything you are doing. You motivate me as a fellow man trying to find his way to reach his goal knocking down every obsticle of negativity and making sure that failure doesn’t not exist in your frame of mind. you learn every day and every day is a journey you have a great friend in abbs and I am proud to call you my friend too.

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  3. Your main man sounds like a true friend. I have had them in the past, and have had to say goodbye to a few. They will be back, maybe, or others will show up in their stead. Stay the course, and love the law-even when you think you hate it.


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