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Our differences disappeared the moment we came to realise that all hearts are ONE

During my volunteering journey at the Ghiat Village in Morocco, I came across a young boy called Sofiane. He noticed my presence as I walked into the room, he met me with a friendly gaze and an enthusiastic wave that followed right after. In that short moment a connection was built. Despite the language barrier, Sofiane and I created a bond, like brothers we were always together laughing at our actions and our attempts to communicate with one another.


I was always as happy to see him as he was to see me, his reaction to my presence as a stimulus became a norm. He greeted me and eagerly smiled, an infectious smile that would have characterised much of our interaction together.


What had dumbfounded but at the same time fascinated me was my inability to comprehend and find a reason behind his infectious smile and positive attitude. This was a child that had merely nothing compared to me. He didn’t go to school thus limiting his future and setting his fate that he had no power to change. This was a boy who had inherited this world and nothing more.

Sofian’s way of living opened my eyes to 3 things:

  1. Happiness is not your possessions or your status in society
  2. Happiness is not dependent on your circumstances
  3. Happiness is a choice. It’s a choice to create opportunity from circumstances. A choice one makes to be a certain way and to see things around them in a certain light. To see through hope.

Concerning yourself about a future that is yet to come, distracts you from enjoying the moment you are in.

On my last visit, I left him a couple of my favourite shirts as I had noticed that he had been wearing the same clothes throughout my 6 weeks in Morocco. His gratitude towards my simple gift was more than I could ask for. It didn’t compare to the gratitude I felt towards him for the life lessons that I don’t think he was aware he had taught me.

I gazed at him fighting back the tears, the end of my trip had arrived far too soon. I don’t think he realised that I wasn’t coming back, I tried to communicate it to him but he didn’t seem to understand. I can only imagine his disappointment when I didn’t return. Just as we had met, we parted ways with a wave and his cheerful smile.


I found HOPE in him, hope has no fear, hope feeds and strengthens. Hope is the light that constantly flickers, I pray that his light may one day shine bright.


I believe that people can be categorised into the following animals:

Lions: These people will help you move forward and progress in your life. They will unexpectedly influence your life in ways you could not have thought possible. They ignite your dying flame. Like lions, they move in packs with you.

Hyenas: They will laugh and smile with you but when the going gets tough, they will easily turn their back on you.

Vultures: They don’t add value to your life but simply reap from what you harvest. They’ll simply take without adding.

Sofiane, added something to my life, allowing me to find happiness in my daily life and seek to bring happiness to others. Distinguish between the friends that ignite your flame and those that reap from your harvest.

I look forward to the day I am reunited with the young boy that opened by eyes.

7 thoughts on “SOFIANE”

  1. A child can bring such a difference in our lives as they have a pure heart just like Sofiane. A child is not aware of the circumstances but all they believe in is to try and stay happy with the little things in life. There is no language for love and therefore the language barrier didn’t stop him from communicating with you because he loved you with his pure heart 🙂 Children is a blessing and we should always be greatful for this kind of love received.

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  2. Yes I agree with the statement “…to see things in a certain light”. Once you do that your world changes and everything becomes achievable in this life time.

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